Mukhya Mantri Yojna(ICDS)








Mukhyamantri Poshak Yojana



Anganwadi Bachchon Ke Liye Poshak Yojana/Mukhyamantri Poshak Yojana:



The Anganwadi Bachchon Ke Liye Poshak Yojana/Mukhyamantri Poshak Yojana aims to strengthen the ‘Early Childhood Education’ component of Integrated Child


 Development Services by providing uniforms to children between 3-6 years of age as an incentive to attend the anganwadi centres (AWCs). The Scheme also attempts to


 inculcate feelings of identity, harmony and unity among the children through these uniforms.


Benefits and Eligibility-



All children between 3- 6 years of age enrolled at (AWCs) are provided with one set of the uniform. Alternately, a sum of Rs. 250 /- per child per year is allotted for the uniform (a


 light-blue shirt and navy blue pants for boys and a light-blue shirt and navy blue skirt for girls).

How to Access -



The benefits of the Scheme are being dispensed by anganwadi centres. The Child Development Project Officers , with the help of anganwadi workers (AWWs) ensure the


 disbursal of funds allotted to the guardians of the children. Following this, the AWWs have to ensure that the guardians have procured the uniform.