MLA/MP of the District

There are 3 Parliamentary Constituency and 10 Assembly Constituency within Darbhanga District. In which whole area of 14 -Darbhanga Parliamentary Constituency related to Darbhanga District and another two Parliamentary Constituency i.e. 6- Madhubani and 23 -Samastipur(s.c) are partially under this district. Out of ten assembly constituency whole are of six constituency i.e 79-Gaura Bauram, 80-Benipur, 81-Alinagar, 82-Darbhanga Rural, 83-Darbhanga, 85-Bahadurpur and  86- Keoti, 87-Jale related to Madhubani Parliamentary Constituency  and 78-Kuseshwarsthan and 84-Hayaghat related to Samastipur Parliamentary Constituency.

Booths and No. of Voters across different Constituencies
Sl. No. Parliamentary
 Total No. of 
Booths With Auxiliary
 Total No. of 
1. 06-Madhubani 86-Keoti 250 2,54,973
    87-Jale 254 2,76,246
2. 14-Darbhanga 79-Gaura Bauram 201 2,19,591
    80-Benipur 241 2,57,360
    81-Alinagar 212 2,41,607
    82-Darbhanga Rural 249 2,54,639
    83-Darbhanga 253 2,66,891
    85-Bahadurpur 249 2,54,808
3. 23-Samastipur 78-Kuseshwarsthan 217 2,18,715
    84-Hayaghat 208 2,12,158
 TOTAL  3 10 2334 24,56,988



 Constituency Wise MP/MLA/MLC's Name and their Contact Number    
SL Number & Name of Constituency

Particulars of Hon'ble Member

Name Phone Mobile
1. 6-Madhubani   Parliamentary Constituency Sri Hukumdeo Narayan Yadav
2. 14-Darbhanga  Parliamentary Constituency Shri  Kirti Azad
3. 23-Samastipur  Parliamentary Constituency Shri Ramchandra Paswan
4. 78-KUSHESHWARSTHAN(SC) Assembly Constituency Shri Shashibhushan Hazari
5. 79-GAURABAURAM Assembly Constituency Shri Madan Sahni
6. 80-BENIPUR  Assembly Constituency Shri Sunil Choudhary
7. 81-ALINAGAR  Assembly Constituency Shri Abdul Bari Siddiqui
8. 82-Darbhanga Rural  Assembly Constituency Shri Lalit Yadav
9. 83-Darbhanga Assembly Constituency Shri Sanjay Saravagi
10. 84-HAYAGHAT Assembly Constituency Shri Amarnath Gami
11. 85-BAHADURPUR Assembly Constituency Shri Bhola Yadav    
12. 86-KEOTI Assembly Constituency Shri Faraz Fatmi
13. 87-JALE Assembly Constituency Sri Jibesh Mishra
14. Graduate Constituency   Dr. Dilip Kumar Choudhary
15. Teacher's Constituency Dr. Madan Mohan Jha
16. 16-Darbhanga (Local Authority Constituency)  

Shri Sunil Singh