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How To Reach


Road Connecting Darbhanga

Till early eighties before the completion of Mahatama Gandhi Setu which connects the North and South Bihar, the road link from Darbhanga to state capital was a longer one via Barauni crossing the Ganga through Rajendra Bridge at Mokamah.

After the opening of Mahatma Gandhi Setup at Hajipur in 1982 while the distance of the state capital decreased considerably, the frequency of motor transport also increased.

The NH 57 from Muzaffarpur to Jhanjharpur passes through Darbhanga. The proposed Lateral Road from Saurashtra to Silchar will smoothly connect Darbhanga with the other parts of the country.

At present there are 2244.65 km of total road length in the district in which 742.50 black topped, 290.00 km hard crust road is maintained by REO, 662.70 km is maintained by District Board, 549.45 km by Local Bodies 492.90 km by RCD and 35 km of NH 57 and 12 Km of NH 105 by NH Division.

Under the National Connectivity Project 306.50 km of rural roads connecting different villages to the near by metal roads have been recommended for formation/upgradation at an estimated cost of Rs. 6931.52 lacs.


Sl.No. Name of Block Agency Name Remarks
REO District Board Local Body Total
Black Topped Hard Crust
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1. Darbhanga 60.00 19.00 65.20 81.20 225.40 Besides these 492.90 Kms of PWD roads and 35 Km of NH traverse the district.
2. Bahadurpur 38.50 20.00 41.50 23.50 123.50
3. Baheri 32.00 20.00 63.20 57.70 172.90
4. Hayaghat 59.00 55.50 97.20 38.40 250.10
5. Hanuman Nagar          
6. Keoti 24.50 19.50 10.00 20.60 74.60
7. Singhwara 45.50 34.00 33.80 74.45 187.75
8. Jale 64.00 8.50 71.70 72.05 216.25
9. Manigachhi 91.50 48.50 45.45 28.65 214.10
10. Tardih          
11. Benipur 106.00 20.50 73.65 50.90 251.05
12. Alinagar          
13. Biraul 107.00 20.25 59.70 19.05 206.00
14. Gaura Bauram          
15. Ghanshyampur 105.00 15.75 52.50 58.05 231.30
16. Kiratpur          
17. Kuseshwarasthan 9.50 8.50 48.80 29.40 91.70
18. Kuseshwarasthan(E)          
  Total: 742.50 290.00 662.70 549.45 2,244.65  


Railways Connecting Darbhanga

Darbhanga district lies under the East Central Railway with its Divisional head quarter at Samastipur.

Prior to the year 1996, Darbhanga was covered by M.G. only. Broad Gauge line was extended from Samastipur to Darbhanga in the year 1996. From Darbhanga there is connecting meter gauge route for Jainagar, Sitamarhi, which further connects to Nepal via Raxaul Boarder. Similary M.G. route also connect Nirmali and Lokha Bazar via Sakri Jn.

At present there are B.G. trains originating from Darbhanga to Amritsar, Delhi, Kurla, Howrah, Pune, Hyderabad,Bangolore,Guhawati and Patna. The total M.G route is 68 km and B.G. route is 95 Km in Darbhanga district, which has 20 railway stations. Thus, the railway station per sq. km is 0.6 Sakri to Hasanpur rail link is under construction.

The conversion of MG to BG between Darbhanga and Jainagar as well as Darbhanga and Sitamarhi work is completed. Darbhanga city has crossed two Railway Station namely one is Darbhanga Jn. and another one is Laheriasarai.



Though there is an aerodrome at a distance of just 10 km away from District HQ, it is not a Civilian one. This aerodrome is presently under the control of Indian Air Force and before Civil Aviation can be launched, it would need substantial upgradation. At present, this airport serves the need of relief operations that need to be carried out whenever there is a flood.